Aromatic Cocktail Bitters

The origins of aromatic bitters began as a ‘medicine’ to help cure stomach illnesses. In fact, it is commonly known that adding a couple dashes of aromatic bitters to soda water can calm an upset stomach. Aromatics are plants that have a pleasing and strong aroma which can affect the digestive and nervous systems. We use a variety of aromatic...

Bad Ass Balsamic Vinegar

The rich, complex tastes of our premium balsamic vinegar is perfect for vinaigrettes, marinades, simple pastas and any other dish in need of a tart, flavorful kick. Contains NO artificial flavors, colors or thickeners. Just pure, all-natural goodness. 375ml Bottlek

Bar Spoon with Muddler

This smartly-styled bar tool combines a spoon and muddler all-in-one for maximum cocktail convenience. A long, smooth-spiraled spoon gently mixes drinks; the muddler end lightly crushes the included sugar cubes, and other cocktail ingredients to bring out their maximum flavor, right in the glass or mixing pitcher. Bar Spoon with Muddler. 1.25"Wx11"H Stainless steel spoon and handle Chrome-plated copper muddler Dishwasher-safe...

Berry Ginger Balsamic Vinegar

Aged balsamic vinegar imported from Modena, Italy, infused with real blackberry and ginger juices. Fragrant and fruity with a subtle spice, this versatile vinegar complements both sweet and savory tastes from pancakes to salads to grilled fish and more. 200ml Bottle

Bitter Ghost Cocktail Bitters

Dugan and Dame Bitter Ghost Bitters is a Bronze Award winner at the 2019 Bartender Spirits Awards! When friends started growing Ghost Peppers locally, we just had to find a home for them to be showcased. The beauty of the ghost pepper is in its slow heat- the heat creeps up slowly, really allowing the flavor of the pepper to shine through. Ghost Pepper...

Build Your Own Bitters 4-Pack

Can't pick a favorite bitters? Why not pick FOUR favorites! That's right, assemble your own custom 4-pack of our cocktail bitters and we will build it for you. Customize this 4-pack however you'd like — mix and match until your heart is content! Just pick your options before adding to cart.  You also save 20% by buying this 4-pack than...

Citrus Ginger Tea

The Citrus Ginger Tea Drop is a true homage to Spring. A delicate fusion of the sweetness of freshly squeezed oranges with the subtle, yet powerful zing of crushed ginger will likely spur imagery of a leisurely sunshine picnic among daffodils, or perhaps bathing in the sun's warmth on a lovely beach day. Citrus Ginger Tea Drops are comprised of...

Classic Koroneiki Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hailing from Greece, Kornoneiki olives are famous for their superior quality and robust flavor, which is exactly what they bring to our certified extra virgin olive oil. Bold, bitter and herby with hints of grass, tomato leaf and green olive, it's perfect for drizzling over your favorite dishes or as a key ingredient in dressings, dips and marinades. 375ml Bottle...

Classic Tonic

Dugan and Dame Classic Tonic is a Platinum Award winner at the 2019 Sip Awards and a Bronze Award winner at the 2019 Bartender Spirits Awards! Our handcrafted Classic Tonic has been created to elevate the Gin and Tonic experience. We’ve patiently steeped a delicate blend of organic and wildcrafted botanicals and fresh citrus zest with bark from the Quassia tree...