Dugan and The Dame

Family. Friends. Flavor.

Family, friends and cocktails can all be amazing individually, but together they’re incredible, especially with the right combination. And that’s exactly what Dugan & Dame is—a perfect combination of family and friends bringing their shared passions and individual talents together to create unique, flavorful ingredients that bring joy to imbibers around the world. Quality tonics, bitters and cocktail components crafted with care from the best ingredients available. Organic and locally-sourced when possible. Responsibly and ethically-sourced always. We care about what goes into our products—the ones we make from scratch and the ones we procure from like-minded partners—because we care about what goes into our bodies and yours. Always have. Always will. Want to learn more about our stuff? Great — we thought you might! Read more here.

Angela Dugan - Chief Executive Dame
Holistic nutritionist and herbalist by day; craft cocktail mixologist by night. Food lover and wellness advocate always. Angela is driven by her passion to live a flavor-filled, yet healthful life. A passion her husband, Vaughan, not only supports and encourages, but actively participates in. Their mutual love of food and drinks led them to open restaurants and develop their Dugan & Dame offerings. Angela spearheads all cocktail offerings for their restaurants, creating incredible signature, seasonal and specialty drinks. As an award-winning bartender, Angela knows how to make killer cocktails, but as a nutritionist, she was fed up with the artificial flavors and ingredients in the tonics and syrups available on the market. So she began crafting her own, using fresh, all-natural ingredients. Her love of herbalism really bridged the worlds by allowing her to create plant-centric cocktail ingredients utilizing folk methods that provide unique flavor profiles and elicit the most medicinal qualities of the plants she uses. Her passion for the environment drives her to source local whenever possible as well as organic and wildcrafted ingredients – from the botanicals to the extracting alcohol. All cocktails begin and end with the plants in mind. 


Vaughan Dugan - Chief Executive Dugan
Foodie entrepreneur extraordinaire, Vaughan started Dugan & Dame with his wife, Angela, and his buddy, Joe, as a creative outlet for sharing their collective passion for fresh, flavorful foods and quality craft cocktails with the world. From his first venture, a chain of organic pizza restaurants called Pizza Fusion, to he and Angela’s Kapow! Noodle Bar, Vaughan and Angela have enjoyed tremendous success by using quality, thoughtfully sourced ingredients, having unique flavor offerings and being genuinely passionate about the food and drinks they serve. Dugan & Dame is an opportunity to take the same approach to food and drink offerings beyond the bounds of their restaurants.

Joe Ciaramella - Chief Creative Guy
With two decades of experience in designing and developing branding and advertising for restaurants, bars, hotels and retail goods, Joe knows his way around the design kitchen, if you will. He’s worked with brands such as Outback Steakhouse, Buffalo Wild Wings, UNO Pizzeria, Johnny Rockets and Bonefish Grill, just to name a few. In addition to being close friends for over twenty years, Vaughan and Angela have utilized Joe’s design and branding expertise for all of their entrepreneurial endeavors including Pizza Fusion, Kapow! Noodle Bar and several other businesses. In fact, it was Joe’s expertise in brand development and package design that gave Vaughan and Angela the push to make Dugan and Dame a reality. His sophisticated tastes, in both food and design, his relentless attention to detail and a tireless passion for his craft makes Joe an invaluable asset and a perfect partner in the food and friendship fusion that is Dugan and Dame.