• Dehydrated Lemon Wheels
  • Dehydrated Lemon Wheels
  • Dugan & Dame Lemon Wheels
  • Dugan & Dame Lemon Wheels
  • Dugan & Dame Lemon Wheels
  • Dugan & Dame Lemon Wheels
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Dehydrated Lemon Wheels

  • Product Type: Garnishes
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Elevate every experience with dried citrus wheels.

  • Perfect for teas and cocktails
  • Use as garland or for cooking, crafting
  • All natural
  • No added sugar or preservatives

Dried lemon slices have a variety of uses from beautiful cocktail garnishes to hot teas, crafting in garlands and other decorations. All lemons are sliced evenly and only the best wheels are selected for packaging to ensure quality with each one. Our dehydrated fruits do not lose their beneficial properties due to the low temperature dehydration process.

All of our dehydrated fruits are all natural and without added sugar or preservatives. 

Our products are packed in sealed, air-tight pouches to ensure flavors, aromas and essence citrus is not compromised.

We take pride in our products and only sell the most perfect slices. Our pouches of citrus will never include the pithy end pieces, broken chips, or large holes in the center. All citrus is sliced so that the center of the citrus is in the center of the chip. We don't do wonky.

Shelf life is 12 months when stored in an air tight container.

Comes in 2 pack sizes: 25 and 150 count. Please note that the 150 count is approximate; each pack is exactly 5oz.