Building Community with FROPRO

Episode 5: Building Community with FROPRO

Building Community...
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Building Community with FROPRO


Angela and Vaughan chat with Matt & Chelsea from FROPRO, discussing how a backpack snack turned into a community mission to support and grow with each other and those around them. How love, communication, and being fearless can build a successful brand and create ripples through the community.



Listen out for: 

  • Utilizing your business to design your life while being comfortable with where you are.
  • The basis of FROPRO - a delicious healthy snack bar, but even more so -> a community that supports each other and are dedicated to bettering themselves and those in recovery from addiction.
  • Testing the market, overcoming fears, and learning by doing.
  • Matt shares his story of recovery and what it's like to put it all out there and the one brave fearless moment that helped FROPRO find a purpose and establish momentum.
  • 'Be a lighthouse, not a fog horn.' The balance of being supportive to those in recovery, not pushing the story on them. 
  • Tough, drastic changes that shift life and moving forward with no regrets. 
  • How businesses can start and stop several times before they finally come to life. 
  • The concerns of continuing the story and mission through organic growth, transcending distance and becoming part of the brand. 
  • How shared company tried to steal their product (more than once).
  • Growth costs!
  • Being grateful in the moment but always looking forward and asking, 'what's next?'
  • How to balance your own needs with your partners - love is what makes the business stabilize.
  • Working in versus working on the business and being able to delegate.
  • Finding time to check in with your partner, even when life moves so fast. 
  • What it takes to grow fast and not give up in what you believe and knowing when its time to step out of the way. 
  • To co-pack or not.
  • Communication & Love - finding your why!
  • The announcement of their new flavor of FROPRO!

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