Drink Deeply with Wells Coffee

Episode 4: Drink Deeply with Wells Coffee

Drink Deeply with Wells Coffee...
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Drink Deeply with Wells Coffee



Angela and Vaughan chat with Coffee Couple Brandon and Nicole Wells from Wells Coffee about the drive, passion, and real life challenges in going all in on a startup business. They discuss how their mission to Drink Deeply is more than a brand for a bad-ass business; it’s a way of life.



Listen out for: 

  • The importance of quality as a foundation for business.
  • Business school isn’t the only path for venturing into business – following what feels right. 
  • The value of mentors – ones you’ve met and the ones you haven’t.
  • Balancing business decision making with your partner.
  • Making the tough decision to start or expand a business with a family in tow.
  • How ‘life balance’ doesn’t look the same for everyone.
  • Angel investors and what they are truly investing in.
  • The cultural stress of early success may not be all its cracked up to be.
  • Utilizing kickstarter to start a business.
  • ‘There’s no bad business with good people.’
  • The soul of a business is within the people who own it.
  • The importance of being a good parent through it all – that’s what the kids will remember.
  • Taking it a day at a time when the burden almost feels like it’s too much.
  • Identifying when something is missing and the power of therapy!
  • Never settling; always be ‘tinkering with the toy.’
  • Continuing to grow a vision; even if the timing is not correct.
  • The importance of self-development and retrospection.
  • SBA loans to grow business.
  • Living in the season of your life.

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