Dugan and Dame Podcast - Vision, Passion and Uncovering Roles

Episode 3: Vision and Passion

Vision, passion and uncovering roles...
Dugan and Dame Podcast - Vision, Passion and Uncovering Roles


Vaughan and Angela discuss how Dugan and Dame was born and is evolving even during the businesses infancy. Candid conversations on defining roles and creating a culture for a new business while unapologetically holding onto a big vision. Vaughan and Angela discuss making mistakes and turning them into teachable moments all while bringing their 4 year old, Bassil along for the ride.



Listen out for:

  • New Dugan and Dame products being launched.
  • The motivation and vision that is driving Dugan and Dame. 
  • How Vaughan and Angela find mentors and support through outside resources.
  • Social responsibility in business and disrupting the business "norm."
  • Building, forecasting and creating the culture for a new business.
  • Merging family and business.
  • Teachable moments and learning and growing from our mistakes. 
  • Setting yourself up with big dreams and visions from the onset of a new business and the big visions that Dugan and Dame has. 
  • How perspective can change the momentum of business.
  • Defining husband and wife roles within a business and recognizing each others strengths. 
  • The importance of being ready.

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