Episode 2: COVID Convo

COVID Convo...


Vaughan & Angela discuss how their businesses are being affected by COVID, lockdown, and quarantine.



Vaughan & Angela dive into their first-hand experience having multiple businesses affected by COVID. From having the cops show up to enforce the restaurants being shutdown to losing every customer in their tonic & bitters company, Dugan and Dame. 

Listen out for:

  • COVID convo and how we each get our "news"
  • The (bad) luck of the Irish and being shutdown on St. Patrick's Day at our restaurants, how we adapted, and what lies ahead.
  • Transitioning into serving the community and how some other businesses adapted quickly. "Finding Purpose".
  • Time to reopen, one phase at a time.
  • Time to rally the troops. Communicating with your team and your guests.
  • Getting your talent back to work and learning how to be a better manager during a time of crisis. 
  • Red onions on pizza and not letting someone move your cheese. 

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