Ghost Busted

Dugan and Dame Ghost Busted

In honor of National Mezcal Day, we highlight Dugan and Dame Bitter Ghost bitters in our Ghost Busted in Oaxaca Halloween drink.

1 oz Mezcal
1 oz Silver Tequila
1/4 oz agave
1/2 oz lime
1 1/2 oz pomegranate
1 egg white
5-6 dashes Dugan and Dame Bitter Ghost Bitters

Rim glass by lightly dipping glass into agave then rolling the rim in black lava salt. Combine mezcal, tequila, agave, lime, pomegranate juice, egg white and Ghost Pepper Bitters in a shaker without ice. Shake well for 10-15 seconds. Add ice and shake well for another 10-15 seconds. Double strain into a coupe glass and serve.