Episode 8: Eat, Drink, Be Local

Episode 8: Eat, Drink, Be Local

Growing a brand...
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Vaughan & Angela chat with EDBL and PAPA's legends Troy and Chelsea Ganter about the importance of systems in growing a brand and path of overcoming addiction.


Listen out for: 

  • The history of Papa's Raw Bar - a local staple in the community.
  • Building a generational family business.
  • The struggle of finding yourself when it feels like everything is falling apart.
  • Dealing with addiction and manipulating your story.
  • Beautifully Bitter - the meaning that affects us all.
  • "Ya Mon" - and the good vibes feeling
  • "I am Breathing" and how thats enough to get us through the struggles.
  • Knowing your story and its impact on everyone around you.
  • Becoming a coach for your staff.
  • Systems, systems, systems...
  • PIP - Performance Improvement Plans
  • EDBL - Eat. Drink. Be Local.
  • The struggles of building a community in South Florida.
  • Learning from your failures.
  • Leaving a legacy of how you treat people.

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