Dugan and Dame Smoke'n Flowers Tonic
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Smoke'n Flowers Tonic
Smoke'n Flowers Tonic

Dugan & Dame

Smoke'n Flowers Tonic

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Smoke'n Flowers Tonic

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Dugan and Dame Smoke'n Flowers Tonic is a Bronze Award winner at the 2019 Bartender Spirits Awards!

Our handcrafted Smoke’n Flowers Tonic will leave you begging for more and forgetting about those smoked old fashioneds you’re so fond of ordering. With soft floral notes and a hint of smoke, this tonic can truly bring out the creative genius in all of us. We start with our classic tonic and add a blend of flowers and spices to create a more delicate profile, then bring in the element of smoke for depth and complexity. We’re not going to lie - we love this tonic so much that we prefer to pair it with more neutral spirits like vodka, soju or milder gins. But go ahead - use it as your sweetener in an old fashioned. We dare you.


Smoke and flowers of course! What? Did you think we were going to say cotton candy and peppermint? You’re so silly.


Dugan and Dame Smoke'n Flowers Cocktail Bitters Starring Roles

New World Gin and Vodka! With such a unique flavor, we believe this tonic should be showcased with a milder spirit.


Tonic water was created to improve the taste of the daily ration of quinine given to sailors and soldiers as an anti-malarial medication. Naturally booze found its way into the mix making the medicine more enticing for the consumer. In fact, this beverage was so tasty that not only did it never disappear, it is experiencing huge popularity in many countries across the world.

Our tonics are hand crafted using only organic and wild crafted botanicals. We utilize traditional methods of herbal medicine making and sweeten them only with organic Florida grown sugar. Conventional sugar is devastating Florida waterways and we refuse to participate in that destruction. We are conservation minded folks who care about the plants and the world we live in. From the harvesting of the plants to the bottling of our products, we take care in every step. You’ll be able to taste the love.

Our tonics are syrups and require club soda for dilution. Each cocktail (or mocktail) will require 1/2 oz. to 1 oz. of tonic syrup. You can also search our recipes for some inspiration in utilizing our tonics in cocktail crafting. Their depth of flavor really lends itself to your imagination.

Don’t consume alcohol? Sometimes we don’t either and we want to ensure you our products taste just as good without the booze. Go ahead, give them a try.

Separation is natural. Be sure to shake before pouring.


Click here to view all of our recipes.


• 16 oz. Bottle