Oooh Mami Cocktail Bitters
Oooh Mami Cocktail Bitters

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Oooh Mami Cocktail Bitters

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Oooh Mami Cocktail Bitters

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OOOH-MAMI bitters was created in collaboration with Dewar’s 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whiskey. Curated with the umami rich plants of Scotland from land to sea to complement and bring out the depth in this scotch whiskey. A balance of earth’s boldest flavors.


Salinity from pulse seaweed combined with umami rich mushrooms balanced by a sweetness of lingonberry and aromatic cypress.  



Adds depth and complexity to whiskey cocktails as well as creativity and uniqueness to any craft cocktail. A bold flavor that asks to be taken on a savory adventure.


Bitters were originally created as medicine. Tincturing plants (allowing the plant matter to marinate in alcohol for an extended amount of time) is a way to extract and concentrate the specific medicine that plants hold. Each of the plants we use has significant research supporting its medicinal use. We tincture our plant matter using varying proofs of alcohol for varying amounts of time to extract the best flavors and constituents (their specific medicine) from each plant. We then lovingly blend our individual extractions together to create the amazing flavors you can’t get enough of. Although we use time-honored methods of folk medicine making, we are NOT saying our bitters are medicine.

Our bitters are hand-crafted using only organic and wild-crafted botanicals. We are conservation-minded folks who care about the plants and the world we live in. From the harvesting of the plants to the bottling of our products, we take care in every step. You’ll be able to taste the love.


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• 100ml Bottle