• Ultimate Whiskey Cocktail Gift Set
  • Ultimate Whiskey Cocktail Gift Set
  • Ultimate Whiskey Cocktail Gift Set
  • Ultimate Whiskey Cocktail Gift Set
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Ultimate Whiskey Cocktail Gift Set

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We went all out for you whiskey lovers with our mixologist-curated Ultimate Whiskey Cocktail Gift Set. This 11-piece craft cocktail kit has everything you need (EXCEPT THE BOOZE!) to make some of the world's best whiskey cocktails. This set will give you the tools to impress your guests to craft your favorite drinks like the classic Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Whiskey Sour, Julep, and more! 

  • TWO DUGAN & DAME WHISKEY GLASSES: Double Rocks Old Fashioned Glasses (11oz). Serve your best Old fashioned or any cocktail of your own design with our custom-branded Libbey Finedge beverage glass. Its heavy base prevents tipping and feels comfortable in the hand, and its Safedge® protects the glass from chipping

  • THREE BOTTLES OF DUGAN & DAME BITTERS (15ml Each): Get three mini bottles of our most popular bitters! Aromatic, Morning Wood and Sassy, which will allow you to create some amazing whiskey drinks for you or to share with your friends (if you're feeling generous). Aromatic bitters are the go to whiskey bitters with cinnamon forward flavors and plenty of depth. Morning Wood bitters are barrel-aged coffee; great for adding oak and coffee notes to many whiskey classics. Sassy bitters are reminiscence of an old fashioned root beer and enhance whiskey cocktails with flavors of sassafras and wintergreen. Perfect bitters for any whiskey cocktail!

  • TWO DUGAN & DAME SPHERE ICE CUBE MOLDS: Innovative and clever design with a flat bottom so it won't tip in the freezer, giving you perfect sphere ice cubes for any whiskey drink. The slow melting sphere will bring out the full flavor and add a splash of class to your next drink. Silicone sphere ice mold and cap are BPA free for the perfect whiskey ice.

  • ONE BAR SPOON W/ MUDDLER: This smartly-styled bar tool combines a spoon and muddler all-in-one for maximum cocktail convenience. A long, smooth-spiraled spoon gently mixes drinks; the grooved muddler lightly crushes the included sugar cubes, and other cocktail ingredients to bring out their maximum flavor, right in the glass or mixing pitcher.

  • ONE JAPANESE JIGGER: Complete the look and functionality of your bar with this modern Japanese style jigger bar tool. It will hold up to use time and time again and its design makes it a great piece for anyone from a beginning home bartender to an experienced cocktail mixing maestro. This double-sided cocktail jigger will be the only one you need to measure 1 oz and 2 oz liquor measurements for your whiskey cocktail recipes.

  • FILTHY BLACK CHERRIES (8oz Jar): All natural, Italian Amarena wild cherries, slow-cooked in copper pots delivering a rich complex flavor with a sweet front with a tart finish. The Filthy Black Cherry is the only garnish ever to be nominated for an award at Tales of the Cocktail. Great in an Old Fashioned or Manhattan!

  • ORGANIC COCKTAIL SUGAR CUBES: Take your cocktails and mimosa game to the next level with these organic cane sugar cubes. Made with 100% organic Florida sugar and handcrafted in our facility in Boca Raton, Florida.

  • DEHYDRATED CITRUS COCKTAIL GARNISHES: Everything else in this kit makes you the envy of any cocktail occasion, but these dehydrated citrus garnishes will have your guests raving about your creations for a lifetime. Our dehydrated fruits do not lose their beneficial properties. Because we use low-temperature dehydration, all of your fruits are keep their maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients!! We hand-make these using 100% Florida citrus in our facility in Boca Raton.

  • RECIPE CARDS: Don't know where to start? We've got you covered! Included in your brand new kit are recipe cards containing 12 of our favorite whiskey drink recipes. You'll find everything from the tried & true to the daring and tasty. Still not enough? Scan the handy-dandy QR code printed on the cards to link directly to our motherlode of recipes online. Go right ahead, you got this!

Whether you want to simply have an awesome whiskey kit for your home bar or you want to buy a gift for that special person who "has everything", our Ultimate Whiskey Cocktail Gift Set is perfect. This bar kit is one of the best Christmas ideas and cool finds of the season. Great for any new home as housewarming presents.