Dugan and Dame Bitters

Benefits of Bitters

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Dugan and Dame Bitters

Aromatic bitters are so much more than an aromatic bitter flavored ingredient for a cocktail. When carefully curated from an assortment of botanicals, they can in fact provide medicinal properties to those who imbibe. Medicinal bitters date back centuries. We take great care in selecting the proof and medium of solvent used in our tinctures that form the bases of our bitters. Our extraction not only provide specific flavor profiles but are curated to elicit those medicinal qualities that the specific botanicals are noted for.

For centuries bitter plants have been considered a cure-all and understandably so. The learning of these remedies and use of botanicals have been passed down through bush medicine from generation to generation. In the past century, botanicals have been researched extensively and this medicine is backed and proven through this research. Constituents such as vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and a range of molecules that serve many different purposes can be extracted from a variety of botanicals used in bitter recipes. The following is a list of many of the benefits of different bitters when properly extracted.

• Supports digestion – increases digestive capacity which can thereby increase nutrient status; decreases indigestion, heartburn, bloating and upset stomach
• A toxin cleanser – stimulates bile flow which is necessary to carry toxins out of the body; helps detox GI tract and clean out liver
• Optimizes liver function
• Weight regulation – affect secretions of enzymes that digest our food and the hormones that control appetite
• Appetite control - reduces appetite which in turn reduces food consumption in those who overeat; can improve appetite in the elderly and those who are nutrient deficient due to loss of appetite
• Provides cardiovascular support - vascular toning; lowers cholesterol
• Optimizes blood sugar levels
• Supports stress response
• Immune support - helps control viruses and pathogenic bacteria; boosts the immune response
• Alleviates pain
• Reduces allergic response
• Toning - a gradual and permanent increase in vitality and wellbeing over time
• Improve organ function
• Aids in growth regulation
• Reduces inflammation – antioxidant activity
• Diuretic – help remove fluid from the body
• Curb sugar cravings
• Relieve gas and spasms
• Reduce/eliminate nausea

There are thousands of research articles and books written by herbalists supporting the benefits of bitters. The following are just a few.

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