Herbes De Provence

A classic French herb blend that is perfect for dips and dressings, or to add to grilled meat, fish or vegetables before or during cooking. Net wt. .85 oz.

Herbreka! Herb Dipping Blend

Herbreka! is a balanced blend of culinary herbs that are made to go together. The herbs are actually known to aid in digestion and frankly just taste delicious! Forget about its benefits, its so damn yummy!   ON THE PALETTEHerbal in nature with salty garlic flavor and a touch of mild heat.   BEST FRIENDSOlive oil & Sourdough Bread - this...

Holy Shiitake Powder

No matter what your thoughts are about fungi, this is one seasoning you don’t want to pass on. Mushrooms add a depth to food that only they alone can. A richness that makes everything a little more decadent.   ON THE PALETTEA rich savory mushroom forward seasoning with rich umami flavor, saltiness and a touch of heat.   BEST FRIENDSFilet,...